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The Sharks were at Kirrawee High School earlier this week, partnering with Elder Aunt Deanna Schreiber in helping to deliver an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program.

The main theme of the program and Aunt Deanna's presentation was to educate Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students about Aboriginal culture in helping bring students together by breaking down cultural barriers.

The program teaches students about Aboriginal culture with a focus on traditional tools and items used for hunting, recreation, food gathering and music, while also showcasing traditional Aboriginal dance and painting.

The Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program, which Aunt Deanna presented at a number of local schools during the year, runs with support and funding from Sharks Have Heart.

The program aligns within the Sharks Have Heart Inclusivity and Diversity pillar and continues our work within the Aboriginal space. Sharks Media was on hand to talk Aunt Deanna, along with Kirrawee High teachers and students about this week's school visit