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Junior reps - Rnd 6 - Team Lists

The Tarsha Gale girls will look for their first win of 2019 while the Harold Matthews and SG Ball squads face tough Newcastle outfits in the three NSWRL Junior representative fixtures set down for the Sharks Academy Fields on Saturday.

The Tarsha Gale girls continue to show signs of improvement despite going down to the Parramatta Eels at their last start, with the Harold Matthews squad heading into the Knights clash are winning a close one in round five against the Tigers.

Following a strong start to their season the SG Ball Sharks lost in the final minutes to Balmain last weekend, a lack of concentration costing them dearly in the final moments of the match, with their focus now turning to their clash with the mid-table Newcastle side.

Equal on points with the Knights through five rounds, the winner will consolidate their position inside the top eight, leaving the loser under plenty of pressure in the run home to the finals.

As for the other two young Sharks teams, the Tarsha girls will have their hands full against the second placed Knights, while the Matthews Cup boys will look to halt the undefeated run of the under-16 Knights squad.

A win to the Matthews Sharks will put them level with the Knights and in a strong position with three games to follow.

The games are scheduled for 12 noon (Tarsha Gale), 2pm (Matthews Cup) and 3.45pm (SG Ball) at Shark Park on Saturday.

The Sharks team lists follow;

Round 6 - Tarsha Gale Team List
Sharks vs Knights
Saturday, March 16
Sharks Academy Fields - Cronulla High School 
Kick-off - 12pm

1              Lynda Howarth

2              Kelly Gilmour

3              Jaida White

4              Alieesha Cohen

5              Zali Fay ©

6              Kyla Johnston

7              Jazmine Silva Gukisuva

8              Jami Roberts

9              Millie Graham

10           Aimee Jane Strawbridge

11           Ella Robinson

12           Lilli Kelly

13           Janelle Kennedy

14           Talei Koroitamana

15           Madison Ashby

16           Ally Weir

17           Jamie Chapman

18           Ella Barker

19           Zali Hopkins

20           Tegan Dymock

21           Ashlee O'Neille


Round 6 - Matthews Cup Team List
Sharks vs Knights
Saturday, March 16
Sharks Academy Fields - Cronulla High School
Kick-off - 2pm

1              Kristian Dixon

2              Siteni Taukamo

3              Te Wehi Waitere

4              Carl Bishop

5              Kage Dwyer

6              Cullen Whetu

7              Liam Sutton

8              Cody Layton

9              Kobie Wilson

10           Anthony Velovski

11           Samuel Jinks

12           Kynan Hodges

13           Jed Hardy ©


14           William Abou-arrage

15           Ethan Ward

16           Justin Letton

17           Chaz Jarvis

18           Ben Mabon

19           Angus Sutherland

20           Zane Watson


Round 6 - SG Ball Team List
Sharks vs Knights
Saturday, March 16
Sharks Academy Fields - Cronulla High School 
Kick-off - 3:45pm

1              Hayden Sutton

2              Marco Talagi

3              Eliah Veikoso

4              Thomas Rodwell

5              Elliot Moaga

6              Kade Dykes

7              Kyle Pickering

8              Thomas Giles

9              Thomas Demeio

10           Jesse Colquhoun

11           Kitione Kautoga

12           Joshua Finau

13           Damon Smith


14           Max Devlin

15           Billy Burke

16           Zane Jegers

17           Blake Hosking

18           Rhys Dakin

19           Cody Fuz

20           Samuel Stonestreet

21           Noah Lester