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Sharks LeagueTouch is an exciting new version of non-contact Rugby League (no tackle). You can grubber, chip or kick on any touch and you even kick conversions after a try.

Games are part of the JRL competition and the Grand final will be played at Southern Cross Group Stadium.

Snapshot of JRL - Sharks League-Touch rules:

- Played across half a rugby league field with 10m in-goals

- Conversions after a try

- Kickoffs and Dropouts

- Knock backs (dropped ball) play on 

- 5 to 9 players per team depending on your age. 9 a side is full field. Compulsory fullback in defence.

- Kicking (chips, grubbers, cross field kicks) allowed on any touch

- Dummy half can be touched

- Play the ball must be with foot. No markers.

Divisions available

- Under 7 (Born 2010 or after)

- Under 9 (Born 2008 or after)

- Under 11 (Born 2006 or after)

- Under 13 (Born 2004 or after)

- Under 15 (Born 2002 or after)

- Ladies Open (Born 2001 or before)

- Ladies Over 30 (Born 1987 or before)

- Mens Over 35 (Born 1982 or before)


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For more information contact your local JRL club or email [email protected]