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The Sharks and Pilot – the partnership behind Men’s Health

As they gear up for what promises to be an exciting 2022 season, the Sharks have entered into a new major partnership with Pilot, Australia’s biggest telehealth platform.

The new partnership, which features the Pilot branding on the front of the Sharks NRL playing shorts, means the players, members and fans will have access to all the tools they need for better men’s health.

Pilot’s partnership with the Cronulla Sharks calls on men to check in on their health, so they can become better, healthier versions of themselves, while also playing an integral role in ensuring the players mental and physical health is at its best.

“The health and well-being of our players is of paramount importance and this partnership with Pilot is about making sure our players can perform at their best, both on and off the field,” Sharks CEO Dino Mezzatesta said.

“But further to that, Pilot is set up to take the stress out of men’s healthcare and if we raise awareness as to the services they provide and help our members, fans and the wide rugby league community to better take care of themselves, everyone can be a winner.”

Charlie Gearside, Founder and General Manager of Pilot, a platform that has already been used by over 100,000 Australian men, was excited to be entering into this partnership arrangement and to the Cronulla Club joining them on what is an important journey towards better men’s health.

“A partnership with the Cronulla Sharks is a massive step for getting the word out to men about looking after their health,” Gearside said.

“The Sharks have pulled together an amazing roster of young men who care about this world too, and so partnering and going on the premiership journey was a no brainer for Pilot. I’m looking forward to a great season as the Sharks have all the right tools for success,” he added.

Pilot joins the Sharks with a track record of helping men unlock their health and well-being. They take the stress out of healthcare, encouraging Aussie men to think of them as their Men’s Health Toolkit.

With all the tools needed for men to stay on top of their health, the goal for Pilot is to increase men’s access and engagement with the healthcare system, not only during the upcoming NRL season, but all year round. 

As knowing what’s right for your health can be a minefield, with an abundance of misinformation online, mates saying one thing but often doing another, and with doctors not always forthcoming with the latest treatments, actually taking the step of going to the doctor can often be an ordeal. Finding the right clinic, organising an appointment and time spent in waiting rooms, some of the many reasons Aussie blokes just aren’t showing up.

That’s where Pilot steps in to take the stress out of healthcare. They have all the tools for men to become better, healthier, versions of themself.

The announcement of the Pilot shorts partnership completes the Sharks apparel partners for 2022, with Aramex, Ace Gutters, PointsBet, Zambrero and Southern Comfort to feature on the NRL jersey, Pilot, Madimack and Lloyds on the playing shorts.


About Pilot
Pilot is Australia’s biggest men’s healthcare startup. Since its launch in February 2019, Pilot’s end-to-end telehealth platform has been used by over 100,000 Australian men. Pilot sets out to improve access to healthcare for men by making it simple and online and reducing stigmas around health issues such as erectile dysfunction, weight loss, sexual health, mental health and more.

To find out more, or to access the Pilot website, go to