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Young fan Connor was surprised with a call from Sharks NRL squad member Jackson Ferris on his 10th birthday.

Connor, a young boys with autism, is a huge Sharks supporter and chatted to Ferris, one of the Clubs up and coming stars and the man who scored the winning try for the Newtown Jets in the dying seconds of the State Championship Final last October.

At the end of their video conferencing call, Jackson was amazed by Connor as much as Connor was thrilled to receive the call.

The pair covered a number of topics, before Connor stunned Jackson with his immediate recall of Sharks matches, complete with scores, from the 2019 season.

Connor said he had also watched replays of that famous Jets try 100’s of times, second only to Jackson’s mum in his own estimation.

Watch the call Jackson made and stay tuned until the end to witness Connor's remarkable memory for everything Sharks.