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Home Workouts with Matt Jay

Matt Jay, the Head of Athletic Performance at the Sharks is the man tasked with the job of whipping the squad into shape and getting them ready for the weekly grind of the NRL competition.

Overseeing the Athletic Performance program, Matt uses sports science technology, hard work and his vast experience in setting training programs, in attempting to get the team in peak physical condition.

And all was going to plan, with the entire Sharks squad, excepting Cameron King following his recent knee reconstruction, set to be on deck and available to play by the fourth or fifth round of the 2020 season.

Then comes the Covid-19 situation and the suspension of the NRL competition, throwing up a series of new challenges for Matt and his high-performance team.

With Matt and Sharks staff remaining in regular contact, the Sharks squad was sent home with Gym equipment and programs to keep them in game ready shape, before his thoughts then shifted to the wider community and their health and fitness needs.

As a result, Matt has come up with a training program which Sharks fans can take up in their own home, without any gym equipment being necessary, while locked down and in isolation.

By all means, go for a walk, bike ride, run or swim, but add in the program as suggested and outlined below, as we try to keep you in shape while the world battles with the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Sharks need you fit and ready to go when the competition resumes and the doors to the stadiums reopen, so get to work and try our simple, yet effective, training program. 

Brought to you by Bodyscience!


Complete 2 rounds of each block with a 2min rest between each round

Block 1

1.1 Squat

1.2 Reverse Lunge

1.3 Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

1.4 Plank

2.1 Push Up

2.2 Glute Bridge

2.3 Crawl

2.4 Bird Dogs