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Junior League Grand Finals 2019

The Junior Rugby League season comes to end this weekend with Grand Finals to be contested in all grades from under 9’s, in both boys and girls divisions, up to Open age Gold and over 35’s Gold League Tag and everything in between in what promises to be an exciting two days for all concerned.

The 9A’s Grand Final at Forshaw Oval at Sylvania kicks off the festivities at one venue, with the Sharks Academy Fields at Cronulla High School to also host a series of competition deciders.

On Sunday Forshaw is again the venue for the senior men’s Grand Finals, beginning with an Under 15’s Gold match and culminating in Engadine and Gymea doing battle in the Open Gold match, kicking off at 3.15pm.

Gymea will contest four of the five senior games at Forshaw, Engadine three of five, making it a huge occasion for two of the Cronulla district’s larger clubs.

A lot of interest will also centre around the Boys Town Ovals at Engadine and Kareela Oval on the Princess Highway when between the two venues they play host to 11 Women’s and Girls League Tag Grand Finals.

Outside of the local district, Gymea under 16 Gold travel to Redfern Oval on Sunday to play Coogee Randwick. 

The full list of games for both Saturday and Sunday are listed below.



Saturday, August 31

9.00AM                9A           De La Salle 1                       v              Engadine

10.10AM              10A        Como Jannali                      v             Cronulla Caringbah

11.20AM              11A        De La Salle                           v              Engadine

12.30PM              12A        Renown United                 v              Aquinas

1.40PM                13 Gold
Cronulla Caringbah          v              Gymea

League Tag
3.00PM                Over 35 Gold
Gymea                 v              Engadine



9.00AM                 9B           Como Jannali                      v              Engadine

10.10AM              10B         Sutherland Loftus            v              Gymea

11.20AM              11B         Cronulla Caringbah          v              Como Jannali     

12.30PM              12B         Arncliffe Scots                   v             Sutherland Loftus

1.40PM                13 Silver
Cronulla Caringbah          v              Como

League Tag
3.00PM                Over 35 Silver
Menai (2)             v              Aquinas



9.00AM                9C           Sutherland Loftus            v              Yarrawarrah

10.10AM              10C         Menai                                   v              Aquinas

11.20AM              11C         Aquinas Colts                     v              St John Bosco

12.30PM              12C         Taren Point                         v              Kingsgrove


Sunday, September 1

9.00am                 Under 15 Gold
Gymea v      Concord Burwood

10.30am              Under 17 Gold
De La Salle           v              Engadine

11.50pm              Emerging Cup
Engadine             v              Gymea

1.30pm                 Open Silver

Gymea                 v              Renown

3.15pm                 Open Gold
Engadine             v              Gymea



9.00am                 14 Silver
Gymea                 v              Renown

10.30am              14 Gold                                               
Kurnell                  v              Paddington

11.50am              15 Silver                                                              
Aquinas Colts     v              De La Salle

1.00pm                 16 Bronze                                                           
St Patricks           v   Cronulla Caringbah


Girls League Tag

9.00am                 Under 9 Silver                                   
St John Bosco     v   Engadine (1)

10.10am              Under 9 Gold                                                    
Cronulla Caringbah          v              Aquinas

11.20am              Under 11 Silver                                
Como (1)              v              Como (3)

12.30pm              Under 11 Gold                                  
Taren Point (2)  v              St Josephs

1.40pm                 Under 13 Gold                                  
Como (1)              v    Engadine (1)

2.50pm                 Open Women’s                               
St Joseph’s         v              Como


Girls League Tag

9.00am                 Under 13 Gold Bronze                   
Kurnell                  v   St John Bosco

10.10am              Under 13 Gold Silver                      
Gymea                 v   De La Salle (1)

11.20am              Under 15 Silver                                
Engadine             v              St Joseph’s

12.30pm              Under 15 Gold                                  
De La Salle (2)    v              Como

1.40pm                 Under 17’s                                                         
Cronulla Caringbah          v   De la Salle (2)

Redfern Oval
11.20am         Under 16 Gold
Coogee Randwick  v Gymea 


*Please note changes of venue from original draw. Captain Cook Oval and Corea Road Oval are both unplayable due to the inclement weather. Captain Cook Oval games transferred to Cronulla High School on Saturday. Corea Road games transferred to Boys Town on Sunday.