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Sharks Support


Working with and in the community is an essential part of the Sharks Support community initiative.

The Cronulla Sharks focus on achieving lasting positive relationships with our community and charity partners and we pride ourselves on being a Sea of Support.

We are very grateful recipients of exceptional support, enthusiasm and passion from a number of devoted fans from within the community. In return, the players, staff and many of our supporters highly value the work they can do and are very aware of their responsibility to make a positive difference and assist those in need wherever possible.

Sharks Support actively support local community programs, which aim to benefit the people of the shire, and guide them to make healthy and safe lifestyle choices.

Sharks Support also make a significant impact through partnering with local charity organisations, who help those in need of assistance and support in our local community.

Charities that the Sharks have strong links with are the Sutherland PCYC, Sutherland Early Support Service, and Sylvanvale/Bates Drive School.

Sharks Support has a number of elements, including development, coaching, charities, community assistance and welfare where we encourage volunteerism and raise an awareness of the unique needs or our communities.

Sharks Support also has a standard donation and player appearance policy, which seeks to provide a fair and equitable opportunity to access Sharks players. The Sharks kindly ask that you please follow the correct procedures to ask for assistance as outlined in the Donation and Player Appearance Policy sections.